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Stonebound Script

Pre-Order | Purple Agate Bookends

Pre-Order | Purple Agate Bookends

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Save your place in line

By placing a pre-order & putting down a deposit you are holding your place in line to select the Set you want from the blank bookends I receive with a supply order.  Your deposit will be applied to your final cost.

It is very hard to show the variety of shapes & weights in photos without having the items on hand. An item can appear small, but be deceptively heavy. Or be very tall- but also very lightweight. Photos of past sets and their weights have been added to this listing as examples.

I will put all of my effort into making sure you are 100% happy with your selection and options to upgrade to larger sizes will be available should you want to make a change. ( Because the funds from deposits will be going to the specific weight requested, the option to downgrade will not be available at this time ) 

Example: If you purchase a Small ( 2lb 8oz - 3lb 15oz ) blue Bookend and select "2nd choice" there is one person ahead of you choosing their set. I will reach out to you as soon as your turn comes up. If you are unhappy with the options given you can choose to be put back in line for the next round. 

  • Pricing is based on weight
  • Please view all pictures to understand that colors, shapes, sizes can vary drastically, which is why you will be able to specifically choose your set. 
  • Check out Stonebound Script on instagram for examples of past work/ an idea of what quotes you are able to choose for your set. 
  • Check out our list of Approved Authors 
  • - I will always be willing to reach out to new authors upon request, but cannot guarantee that I will get a response or be approved to make merch. Please do not place an order without being sure that I can accommodate your request.


A combination of Naturally Colored & Dyed agates are used to create our bookends. The design is sealed in a high quality ( low environmental impact ) resin which protects against UV damage and longevity. Please see care instructions for cleaning!


Agate slices range 2.5-3.5 inches

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