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Stonebound Script

Pre-Order | Petrified wood Bookends| Her soul belongs to words and books

Pre-Order | Petrified wood Bookends| Her soul belongs to words and books

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These stunning bookends feature the inspiring quote "Her soul belongs to words & books. Every time she reads she is home." This reminder of the power of literature adds a touch of warmth and inspiration to any bookshelf or reading nook.

Crafted with care, each bookend is coated in a protective layer of Low VOC (low environmental impact) resin. Not only does this preserve the natural beauty of the agate but also ensures a durable and long-lasting finish. The base is thoughtfully designed with a layer of felt, providing a gentle cushion that protects your bookshelves and other surfaces from scratches.

By placing a pre-order you are holding your place in line to select the Set you want from the blank bookends I receive with a supply order. As this is a new to the shop product I do not feel comfortable offering the " surprise me" option at a lower price until multiple sets have been made to showcase the variety. 

  • Please view all pictures to understand that colors, shapes, sizes can vary drastically, which is why you will be able to specifically choose your set. You will be given a minimum of 2 sets to choose from. 
  • This item has an extended processing time of 3-5 weeks as I need to allow time for multiple preorders to be placed as well as time for my supplier to ship the blanks to me, and then time to communicate & complete your order. 
  • Check out Stonebound Script on instagram for examples of past work/ an idea of what quotes you are able to choose for your set. 
  • Check out our list of Approved Authors 
  • - I will always be willing to reach out to new authors upon request, but cannot guarantee that I will get a response or be approved to make merch. Please do not place an order without being sure that I can accommodate your request.


A combination of Naturally Colored & Dyed agates are used to create our bookends. The design is sealed in a high quality ( low environmental impact ) resin which protects against UV damage and longevity. Please see care instructions for cleaning!


Agate slices range 2.5-3.5 inches

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