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Stonebound Script

Obsidian Sword Bookends

Obsidian Sword Bookends

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Here's a Shopify product listing for your Obsidian Bookends with the specified details:

Introducing our exquisite Obsidian Bookends, crafted from the finest all-black obsidian stone and ranging from 2 to 6.5 lbs in size and shape, creating a unique and captivating addition to your bookshelf. Each set features two different swords—one in shimmering silver and the other in radiant gold—perfectly complementing any fantasy book collection.

Obsidian, known for its fragile and brittle nature, adds an element of mystery and strength to your decor. To preserve its beauty, each bookend is coated in a protective layer of low VOC (low environmental impact) resin, ensuring long-lasting durability without compromising its stunning design.

The base of the bookends is equipped with rubber bumpers, providing a gentle cushion to protect your bookshelves and other surfaces from scratches and damage.

Product Details:

  • Material: Obsidian (all black)
  • Weight: Ranges from 2 to 6.5 lbs (size and shape vary)
  • Design: Two swords (one silver, one gold)
  • Coating: Low VOC resin for protection
  • Base: Rubber bumpers to protect surfaces
  • Perfect for: Fantasy book collectors, home decor enthusiasts
  • Note: Obsidian is a fragile and brittle stone, handle with care

Elevate your fantasy book collection with the timeless elegance and durability of our Obsidian Bookends. Add a touch of magic to your reading sanctuary today!


A combination of Naturally Colored & Dyed agates are used to create our bookends. The design is sealed in a high quality ( low environmental impact ) resin which protects against UV damage and longevity. Please see care instructions for cleaning!


Agate slices range 2.5-3.5 inches

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